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I had this idea of giving Winamp users a wallpaper-window with a collection of their own wallpapers, which they would use regardless of their "official" desktop wallpapers. (somehow like in Victhor's gorgeous Komodo skin).

So I created an additional frameless window which would stretch to the dimensions of user's desktop. But! Opening such a window would "put" it in front and give focus to it - which is in Windows' world understandable and common. Therefore it would cover ALL Winamp components currently running. I found the command guiObject.bringToBack(), but it applies to guiObjects only and not to layout. Let alone container.

Would it be possible to add such functionality to a container/layout, so opening such wallpaper window would "send" it to the background of all currently running Winamp components and keep it there pinned = clicking on it has no action. Closing such window would work via context menu by changing its attribute value.
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