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Originally Posted by anonim1979 View Post
BUGS (Tested Windows 8.1 64bit):
On my system (Realtek HD Audio, drv. from Windows Update) WASAPI will always set Winamp's per-application volume (see #1) to "0" when playing any MP3 with VBR (you can see this by watching Volume Mixer) and some CBR with header/delays (see example below) - you have to move volume slider a little for it to "jump" to set volume to audiable on each such file played.

I get that problem with a Realtek ALC892 with fairly recent HDA drivers under 1809, no volume when loading a track with WASAPI, requiring to move the volume slider. The window position problem under the main skin was the first problem I've faced on a clean install in another system, obviously it wasn't noticeable on a upgrade from which the correct positions was already stored. If you find more stuff, there's a dedicated thread for bug reports here.
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