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Originally Posted by Benski View Post
I can help you with using libmp4v2 to encode the ALAC file to mp4/m4a if you want. just e-mail me
Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
Well I'll be damned, I didn't even see libmp4v2.dll. Looking at the exports I imagine it's far better than what I'm doing. Does it support in-memory reading/writting?
Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post

Is this with winamps library, or your own implementation?

Did you get in touch with Benski?

I posted this thread to the fb winamp group.
Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
I don't actually have a full implementation of the full ISO standard, just a basic hierarchical class handler to help me organize and construct the Moov box piece by piece. Once everything is in place, I call a single function which then triggers callbacks that outputs the data in it's proper order. All I had to do was update the class handler to support 64 bit boxes. I never did contact Benski as my preliminary research into libmp4v2 revealed that it seems to exclusively deal with files already on the drive, which doesn't work very well for a standard Winamp encoder. If memory serves, DrO described one of the encoders that ships with Winamp that just outputs dummy data to Winamp and writing the actual file contents to a temporary location and then swapping the file in once the data is finalized, I'm guessing that encoder uses the libmp4v2 library.
i realize i probably misunderstand / don't know how things work under the hood, but you are saying that when transcoding, your encoder isn't creating the m4a container, but rather the winamp libmp4v2.dll is? i was under the impression your encoder was standalone in that regard.

i would like to see all the apps that make m4a tags include WM tags and windows file property attributes, so everything is congruent; but i doubt this niche issue will get attention from winamp anytime soon.

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