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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
interesting... so if i use winamp to transcode a FLAC to ALAC using your encoder, should i expect Vorbis tags to xfer (and become m4a tags), and if so, how is their input plugin invoked to do it?
As far as the exact structure and program flow for how Winamp determines which input plugin to use to write metadata tags I don't know. I do know that Winamp finds the input plugin that is able to play the file and tells that plugin to write the metadata tags when it's done transcoding and finalizing the file. Winamp gathers the original file's metadata from the input plugin that handles the original file's playback and then sends it to the new file's input plugin. Encoders themselves do not "transcode" files, Winamp does. Winamp coordinates everything from using the original file's input plugin to convert it to the raw PCM data, then Winamp directs the encoder plugin to encode the raw PCM data to the new codec, then using the new file's input plugin to write the metadata after encoding is complete.
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