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Originally Posted by tom white View Post
Is there no provision for ripping to, or converting to, AAC or ALAC formats? Hopefully I'm just missing something. If not, it seems like a real shame that people have waited this long only to find this feature absent.

if you had taken the time to read the entire thread instead of posting
you would have found a post by DJ EGG

" By "former Pro-licensed features", it means Sonic CD Engine, Gracenote (cddb, MusicID, etc), mpeg-4 / h.264 decoding, mp3 encoding (encoder was free, but the patents hadn't expired)... things AOL paid for, that were licensed to AOL, and iirc needed paying for on a regular basis, so therefore needed to be covered by the Pro payments.

Fraunhofer mp3 & aac decoders weren't ongoing payments, but were exclusively licensed to AOL for use in Winamp. Radionomy couldn't use the same license, so we decided to use opensource libmpg123 for mp3 and system WMF decoder for aac instead.

in_mp3 still supports raw .aac files, but via winamp\system\aacdec.w5s
(which is also used by in_mp4, in_mkv, in_avi, in_flv, in_nsv)

Unfortunately though, as I said, it relies on Media Foundation which only comes with Vista and later.
AAC, MPEG-4 pt.2 & H.264 support all rely on Windows MF.

Using MF / MFTs means no additional licensing is required and therefore we can keep Winamp free.

We've replaced CD playback engine; plus mp3, aac, mpeg-4 and h.264 decoding

We've still not replaced CD Burning Engine/Interface (which still works in 5.666) or Gracenote features (cddb, autotag, playlist generator) - therefore those features are currently non-existent."

Next time please read before posting.

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