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Originally Posted by NJK View Post
if you had taken the time to read the entire thread instead of posting
you would have found a post by DJ EGG
And if you were wanting to be helpful instead of being a jackass you would have come up with a better answer.

I did, in fact, read the whole thread. As I read what DJ EGG posted, I did not see anything that eliminated the possibility of including FFMPEG or similar to address being able to rip or convert to aac/alac. Maybe I just didn't get the gist of his post, but I certainly read it.

So, does anyone other than this clown have any ideas on how to do what I am looking for?

[ this forum user forgot to read rules that cleary state that you act in a civil way towards others
rules--> As with anything, you, as a member, should use good common sense when posting. In other words, you agree not to be a jerk. Posts containing personal attacks on another user will be edited/deleted.<--

, so it's off to banned island for him]
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