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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
So can you show me the statistics, that people who use it are the minority?
Or a statistic which shows that you are the people voice?

Anything you say is right, what others say is wrong. Was always the case. And this is the big problem you have.

There was also a statistic that people don't use skins at all, so we probably have more skins available in the web than users.

I'm sure, if they release Winamp, which lacks lot of the 5.666 features people will complain about it.

You don't need these features, I do. But the big difference is, I don't say that neither you, nor me a re the majority.
So funny.

It's prima facie Koopa. Be honest, do the majority use Winamp for audio more, or video more? That's not some unknowable stat. It's just obvious audio is the answer.

Would u argue that? Bc to do so is unreasonable and frankly absurd.

This is not a knock on jtfe, it's just a similar obvious statement of fact that the majority don't use it either knowingly or unknowingly. What is in it, or is it doing, that u think the majority is flocking to?? It's absurd to suggest it's possible a majority do, just as most don't use any skin not in the official distribution, which u seem to also know is true.

As it turns out, 5.8 leaked, and jtfe still works in it, so the whole argument was pointless and moot anyway, but unfortunately Winamp has all but died in the interim of this stagnation, this needless paralysis, partially bc it's waiting on things that didn't matter (bc they still work!) as it happens. What a shame.

Many more important missing features btw, like art and metadata, have been missing in 5.666 forever now, and are still missing in 5.8 and yet 5.8 is out.

I'm sure u guys will get what u want in wacup, at least until the lawyers step in, which I hope doesn't happen but that is the nature of business.

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