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Originally Posted by Class316 View Post
I tried playing an audio CD on WACUP and it's not downloading tracks. Can't find anything that makes it do that. What am I missing here?
It has to be a store bought CD, not one you made yourself. Is the Audio CD Plug-in v1.1.1 installed (in.cdda.dll) and you are allowing WACUP to connect to the internet? If yes to both of these questions, then look on the Audio CD view in the Media Library window. From there you can select tracks to play (replace what is in the Playlist Editor) or enqueue (add to what is in the Playlist Editor).

This view should lookup the CD's tracks metadata automatically. If it doesn't there is a "Reset Metadata" button at the bottom of the view. The metadata is stored in a separate local WACUP database so that it doesn't need to be downloaded each time the same CD is played. The stored metadata can be edited to correct any errors or add missing info. Any such changes are not uploaded to the MusicBrainz database.

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