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Originally Posted by DJ_Coy View Post
...Then I tried the commands you've listed. It works, but strangely enough it opens up a new Winamp, while Winamp is already running...? Why is it doing that?...
Probably because multiple instances are allowed.
Options > Preferences > General Preferences > make sure "Allow multiple instances" is unchecked
Originally Posted by DJ_Coy View Post
...And I don't really understand what you mean with, "3. Send your file to the Shortcut."
Can you explain me what exactly I need to do?
This easiest way is to drag and drop the playlist file onto the Shortcut.
But you say:
Originally Posted by DJ_Coy View Post
I've changed the command-line arguments for play in Windows Explorer to this: "C\Test Batch\Test.bat"
When I double click a playlist, all the commands work until, the /load option is processed. It stops and I get a "Open file" dialogue on my screen. So that doesn't work either.
So maybe use that method but replace the path to the BAT file with the path to the Shortcut.

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