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Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
Sorry, no.
But if you were able to execute the BAT file, but not the Shortcut, then modify the BAT file so that it executes minimized.
Maybe this helps:

It sounds like you might be messing around in the Windows Registry.
If you give a detailed explanation of all the modifications you made that led to the error screen, maybe I can reproduce it and then investigate.

But if it was me, I would add the Shortcut to the "Send to" menu.

I don't know how to use Autohotkey.
Hi ryerman,

Thank you for all your efforts
Here are some answers to your questions.

Yes, the batch-file actually worked, but I see that popup screen from the batch-file.
A shortcut to it, give me an error like I said in my previous post.
Your tip about executing the bat file minimized might perhaps work.
I must admit, my knowledge about the commands in CMD are very basic, so I didn't know that was even possible.

Is what I am doing modifying the Registry? Yes and no.
Yes, I modify the command to open, or in this case play a playlist (or music file).
Till now, I haven't modified the play command at all. Instead I made a second command and called it "Test".
I have been testing this out, to see if it works or not.
So yes, it's basically a change you make that is stored in the Registry.

However, I don't mess around in the Registry myself, unless I'm really sure and know what I'm doing. If not, it could in worst case scenarios make your system unstable.
Instead, like I said before, I'm using a program which I'm using now for almost a decade that can adjust al those things, without you actually have to go in Registry itself.
It's called "FileTypesMan" from NirSoft. I don't know if I can mention this software here, otherwise you have to edit my post.
If you want to try it yourself (or anyone else), here is his site
I've been using some other programs from this developer as well, which has served me good in the last few years
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