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Originally Posted by DJ_Coy View Post

I've tried and tried again. The script just doesn't work

Just when I wanted to post this and almost gave up, I tried something else. I've put the batch file in the same directory where my m3u files are stored.

And guess what... it's working now. Is it possible that you can modify your batch file so I can store it in an other location? That would be very handy... I have one folder with all my scripts and macro's and so on. I know, I'm asking you a lot

Just to get some things straight here:
  1. Where is your batch file stored?
  2. Where is your m3u file stored? Same directory? Other location?
OK, at least we know it works.
You can see in the screenshot (attached above) that the batch file is stored on my W:\ disk.
Like you, I store all my scripts and batch files in one place.
The M3U file is on a different disk.

Winamp, the batch file and the M3U file are completely separate, each on a different disk.
I expect that it doesn't matter, as long as they are correctly addressed by their complete file specification.

Sometimes, an M3U file is created so that the file paths that it contains are relative to the M3U file, not absolute paths.
Make sure your M3U file contains absolute paths to the audio files.

Originally Posted by DJ_Coy View Post
...One other thing came to mind. Is there even a setting in the Preferences in Winamp where you can set Shuffle and/or Repeat in ON/OFF for a desired file type? I never really asked that in first place... sorry. I haven't seen any setting like this. Maybe you have?
AFAIK, the Playlist Editor settings apply to all file types and cannot be configured differently for each type.

Originally Posted by DJ_Coy View Post
...And finally. I know you've done all this with winamp.exe, but I've noticed a few days ago when I was testing, that the WACommand actually loads the playlist faster... Any chance in changing your script with that command?
I can't argue with your perception of time.
I don't have a copy of WACommand, or I would test and experiment.
But you can probably modify the script yourself by replacing the Winamp commands with the appropriate WACommand commands.

If you want, you can post a zip archive containing the batch file, a typical M3U file, a WACommand installer and a screenshot of the action in FileTypesMan.
(I want the M3U file to check its format. I know the tracks won't exist on my computer.)
I can then try and reproduce your experience.

Originally Posted by DJ_Coy View Post
....Anyway, thank you so much for your help!
You're welcome.

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