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Importing music from phone to specific folder?

How can import music from my Android phone through wireless sync to a location OTHER than:

(Emmanuel is my username as you can guess)

My C drive is a SSD with limited space.
I usually store my music in:
E:\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music

Yes, I keep it there because I used iTunes for years, sorry.
I already have set Winamp's library watch folder to:
E:\My Music\

And it's set as the default (only) watch folder. Yet when I import music from a playlist on Android, it still brings it to C:\Users\Emmanuel\Music and not the Watch Folder.

Is there any way I can change this?
Since moving the files from my C: drive to my E: drive will break Winamp's recorded directory of them, and then the playlist won't work on my PC anymore, I would have to rebuild it from scratch.

Thank you!!
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