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decided to have fun too

I too, have a similar vision, for multiple images serving more than horse, but I'm becoming aware that the dancer has her limits as well.

Back before the legend endowed my feeble grasp on Milkdrop, I was scavenging google images for .gifs to disassemble and mash in with shaders. Today, I still get very confused. It might take me a whole semester of kindergarten to connect the dots with your equations, so instead of tinkering with your preset, I tinkered with the dancer and put her in a preset I have been tinkering with recently. Somehow I've already reached the maximum # of textures, so I wasn't able to squeeze in the last image, but she still mashes well with comp shaders. Until I tinker out where this extra texture is, I'll save my questions about the legends water effects.

By the way, I love that jellyfish you did. You did more with that one image than I with fifteen.
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