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I guess the best way to feed more textures into a preset is to pack them into a single file. Milkdrop supports DDS which I think is suitable, but I never tried it.

@Butterbeaster: The preset does not show because textures are missing. Please do not expect me to have all textures posted on the forum on my drive.

@xmuzack: What is your issue with bnot ? Whatever you define in the frames section, you can convey to the shaders via the q variables (and only these ! The shader sections do not know megabuf neither the reg variables).

Tip: bnot(1-t%5) can be written shorter: t%5==1. These old milkdrop boolean functions still work but are no longer required, and can also be written in C style, e.g.
bnot(a) is the same as !a (negation)
equal(a,b) is the same as a==b
above(a,b) is the same as a>b
below(a,b) is the same as a<b
band(a,b) is the same as a&b (bitwise and)
Saves some typing and is easier to read
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