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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
that's normal for really any file and that's because the file is locked as read-only when it's being used.

Sow how was is it then possible for me on Windows XP / Windows 7 with Winamp 5.666 and is possible for me on Windows 10 with Winamp 5.8 to change via Mp3tag data as I please in every kind of tag field [even a made up by me] of the following filetypes: FLAC, MP3, TTA, WAV, WV?

And also WMA does not seem to have an issue with that [but has limitation in regards to using certain signs in certain tag fields]

While on the other side along with M4A there is also APE, but that one has a problem even with "letting go of a file" - which only happens when Winamp is closed after its playback

Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
When winamp writes the tag to the file it stops the song very briefly to write it then starts it again. I notice this when I change the ratings on songs
I stopped using Winamp to write data in tags of audio files the moment I discovered Mp3tag, which must have been over 15 years ago - so I do not know about that

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
M4a is just a container. It can house different formats, like ALAC or AAC, etc
And... it means that the problem is with ALAC, ACC or some other format?

My NCH Switch Sound File Converter Plus that I use for creating sparse M4A files in its encoding option for that formats says "AAC / M4A Encoder Settings"; plus has an option to "Force MPEG Output". Thus... I do not know what kind of files am I really creating?
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