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Originally posted by CaptainNuss
It's not really a single genre. Basically, you can choose whether you'd like to play it as a 3D shooter (not as much action as you'd be accustomed to if you've played other shooters) or as stealth game (much like Thief or Splinter Cell).
I really resent it when people say you can play Deus Ex as a 3D shooter like Quake 3 or something (I'm not having a dig at CaptainNuss specifically)... you can't play it as a runny jumpy bang-bang-kill-everything shoot em up because you just get pwnt. The game really isnt designed for it, when i first got the game I tried it with my mad Quake3 skillz and i lasted about 5 seconds.

Games that say you can play them stealthily or all out attack almost always have to be played stealthily. The only exception i can think of is FarCry, where guns blazing actually is a viable tactic if your good at that kind of gameplay, but sneaky sneaky works too.

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