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AVS forums is quite the hostile place, for starters we could be more nicer to new people, but that isn't always so easy.[/QUOTE]

It is difficult sometimes to be nice and some in recent times have been complete idiots and being civil is more difficult.

But what really was all that wrong with this/nils99's thread.

True the question has been asked before in a roundabout way.

Maybe you should look at the way the threads are responded to in Winamp Technical support where if anything you get more newbies asking more foolish questions.

The general reaction there is one of support and welcoming even in the face of stupidity and sometimes crazy viewpoints.

Simply ignore the threads if they are too much.

Sometimes in newbies defence there is some aggression here towards them.

We are going to get them here it is the new breed of people taht use the Internet now.

It used to be people were glad of help they would try and find out themselves answers now people just ask without looking and more often then not demand answers.

Ignoring is not easy especially when it is community that you have spend sucha long time building and the want/need to make it stronger with new useful members and stop people leaving.

But try and give it a go. :-)

I know I don't come here much. I pop in every so often to check what is happening but if there is a real problem thread you can use the 'report to moderator' link and all the mods of this forum will get an email and we can take any action if needed.

Hope it helps

"Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

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