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Winamp 5.56 (build 2512)
Clean install, 3rd party plugins:
1. Monkey audio plugin
2. CUE player plugin
Language Pack: None (default English US)
Skin: Bug occurs with all of Bento, Winamp Modern and Classic skins

OS: Windows XP Proffesional SP2
Locale: English US
CPU: Intel Pentium M 1.6 GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: Intel GMA
Sound: Realtek integrated
DirectX 9

Winamp hangs at showing splash screen. Winamp.exe take 0% of CPU. Just hanging and never closes itself. If you close it from task manager it takes about 2 minutes to close. No 'not responding' message.

Method of Reproduction:
1. Open to play some file from network share which need username and password.
2. Play a little bit music
3. Stop music and close Winamp
4. Take your computer and connect it to different network (not the one where you played music from)
5. Open winamp or just double click on some music file from your computer when you are connected to different network then mentioned in 1.
6. You should get Winamp hanged
7. Disable Winamp via task manager
8. Take your comupter back to the network you last succesfully played files from
9. Login to network share
10. Play Winamp and you get no problem
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