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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
If the Nullsoft folks can ever get the time to update the docs, maybe more people will come back and contribute stuff.
doubtful as no one typically wants to make plug-ins other than now playing spammer plug-ins (which have been done to death and even that has dried up).

really Winamp is not of interest to people to work on making plug-ins for as users expect plug-ins to be free because the main bulk of the player is and there has always been a backlash against plug-in devs trying to get a fair amount back for the work they put in.

plug-ins and skins are nice and all that, but most users don't bother to download and install them. they just use what is provided and that is all they want.

it's only more involved users who even dabble with plug-ins and skins (i know that won't be liked but we've got stats to confirm that is the case). plus being on the forum skews what is the 'norm'.

finally the people who know the sdk are the ones who don't have the time to work on updating the documentation in it (i've done what i can over the years to update things but when there's little demand for updates it just slips to the bottom of a never-ending pile). plus Winamp has always been known for a shit sdk irrespective of the dev team at the time so at least we've maintained that level of consistency with it.
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