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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
all i've done is provide the same file as would be generated if the online services was still running (for those that may find it useful either as-is or as an example to work with). why the page refuses to work for you and others is baffling but there's little to do to attempt to debug it (i definitely cannot as i've no means to access things from a US connection anymore).
Understood. Glad to see you're still trying to help where you can.
I didn't expect the pre-made file would work. Just providing my results and expressing wonder at the difference when using the external and internal IE browsers. Since the same base engine code is being used, it is baffling.

It appears that the external browser is correctly handling the failure to load the page that's giving me trouble or it's not trying to load that page. If I get enough spare time (in the near future), I'll try to determine which case it is. I don't have the tools to do this properly, but it would be fun to dust off some of my code debugging skills that haven't been used in 12 years.

Thank you, but that is what I meant by saying selecting "MORE STATIONS" momentarily shows the search page.

@Anyone in the US
If you are reading this thread and the SHOUTcast search page works for you within Winamp, it would be nice to hear from you. Maybe we can figure out why before Radionomy gets around to fixing things.

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