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Originally Posted by roadster.wa View Post
Thanks MJ. I've given your latest version a try but unfortunately it still has a problem switching between sample rates. The output rate changes as it should but the player itself continues to play at the wrong rate unless stop then play is clicked. Perhaps you need to force stop/start when the rate changes.
I have an update on this. I now have an M2Tech Hiface2 USB/spdif adapter and using its asio driver I do not have any problem playing content with mixed sample rates. One difference is that the HiFace2 only has 2 outputs ( left and right) whereas the RME Babyface has up to 6.

This must imply that the RME drivers are implicated in the problem to some extent. For now I am happy to use the Hiface2 which sounds as good if not better than the RME device.
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