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Originally Posted by Ryosuke View Post
You should edit your first post to make public your website, the ppl can get more information about this proyect , again thanks for your plugin .
Hi Ryosuke,

thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately there seems to be no option to edit historical posts - I really dont know how to do that. Dont know if its possible at all. Also I think splitting this thread would make it difficult to keep things together.

As for the donations, now before downloading, there are already 3 very simple sentences not that hard to read about donating and there's a PayPal Donate button, so people must be fully aware of this And that PayPal Donate button's been there from the very begining. But no single donation up to date...

Now it's really up to the active users if they want to keep this project alive by seriously donating. Life is not just about downloading and not willing to support.

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