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Hello, AntiFM
For the looks of it, you created your radio control panel using SHOUTcast Streaming Service instead of DNAS, so it spits a server to connect to instead of your DNAS. Don't worry, I did that too on my first (and second) attempt(s).

When you signed up to RMO, it made you choose between these two options:

SHOUTcast Streaming Service --- blue square on the left
SHOUTcast (DNAS) --- green square on the right <-- correct choice for you since you have your DNAS server.

Now try this from the RMO CP (Radio Manager Online Control Panel):
-- Create a new radio from the top left
-- Choose DNAS on the green right square
-- Fill in the details
-- Grab your "authhash"
-- Rock n roll.

Hope it helps.-
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