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Winamp on mobile displaying incorrectly. Old station

Greetings everyone,

I have been messing with a shoutcast server for a bit.

First with a linux server at home but have now purchased a Linux Virtual Private Server from tdrevolution for it.

Everything is up and running. I can see the station on the web directory, although I have not been able to confirm from the outside of my network that it works.

I have however, been trying to listen on my Android phone and tablet with the Winamp app. Both outside my network. I can find the station but it wont let me play it. I believe the radio station listed is one of the old stations I tried setting up this week.

For one, the bitrate displayed is incorrect. It says 80kbps but am now broadcasting at 128. And second, the song it says that is playing incorrect. If I keep refreshing it will display a song I have on the playlist that hasnt played yet. ;-/

When I setup the new server on the VPS i created a new hash for it. I read somewhere that it might take awhile for the mobile apps api to update the station. I have had the new server up for 4 hours and still no go on mobile devices.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

This is the station:

Its listed correctly on the site. I havent been able to test if it works. Maybe someone can tell me
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