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1. I got the Abort call from Show custom page when a section has been selected link. I am using it in the function to display my custom IO page (by writing Abort I am not displaying the page). And it is working too (like returning from a function, not actually aborting the installation itself). What is abort meant for then?

2. The error I am getting is below:

Function: "Hi"
!insertmacro: _If
!insertmacro: end of _If
!insertmacro: _And
!insertmacro: macro "_And" requires 4 parameter(s), passed 3!
Error in script "D:\Project\CTVI\CTVI\Setup\New Text Document.nsi" on line 33 -- aborting creation process
No, section 4 is properly defined. I get the function executed if I am not using AndIfNot. I am attaching a simple installer code that will reproduce the error I posted above.
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