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I'm having trouble getting Winamp to behave like I'm pretty sure it has behaved before. What I want it to do is when there is a link to an MP3 file in MSIE5 and I click on it, it should start opening Winamp right away and play the file while it's downloading. Right now, I get MSIE's doalog box for opening/saving the file. If I have 'Open from current location' selected, then MSIE will download the file in full and then it'll open it in Winamp. How do I get it to go straight to Winamp? Just like .ra files open RealPlayer almost instantly.

I've tried uninstalling Winamp and making sure the MP3 file type is gone (by using a file type manager), but when I reinstalled it, it went back to the same annoying way of having MSIE ask about opening/saving and then still having MSIE download it entirely before opening Winamp. I can check that box for not asking about the file type and just opening it right away, but it still downloads the file entirely in MSIE instead of opening it right away in Winamp. Any ideas?
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