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I had discovered it already on the 29th September, and today I have made again the control-visit. The website of Skin-Consortium is still broken, I get the message "Fatal error: Invalid SQL: SELECT * FROM wbb1_1_board_moderator WHERE groupID IN (1,2) ORDER BY userID DESC".

Since Post #32 on 17th March some malware-reports for ClassicPro_2.03_ymNFyxvIdaM_(2017-03-09).exe had been mentioned a few times. We know, PJN123 (Pieter) never would infect the own installer-setups.

What did happen to the website? Did the website have been destroyed by unknown and unauthorized people who got access to the website, maybe the same people who had also infected the latest installer-setups successfully?

Fortunately I have the older beta-installer-setups yet, and I want to keep them as backups.

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