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Can't rip to mapped NAS drive

This is my first post, so please be gentle!

I am having trouble ripping to a share on a NAS device.

I have my ripping output destination set to M:\Music\__Rips, and the naming convention set to <Artist>\<Album>\## - <Title>. M:\ is mapped to a share (\\gaia\media) on a NAS box with 4TB of storage.

When I rip a CD, it goes through all the motions - reads the CD and shows percent complete for each track in turn as the rip progresses - but there is nothing in the folder!

If I set the destination to L:\Music\__Rips (where L:\ is a USB drive) then everything works fine.

If I set it to reference the share by name instead of mapped drive letter (\\gaia\media\Music\__Rips) then it still fails.

Thanks in advance!
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