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Hi MusicNeuroPatter,

Yes, Crashguard303 is suggesting ways to improve randomizing songs in a specific playlist. You are having the same problem many others have with the Winamp feature that generates a playlist from a 'seed' song. The specific reason this feature works for some and not for others has not been found. There are several posts about this. Use the forum search feature to find them, you may find a suggestion that gets the feature working for you.

This feature is supported by Gracenote and the problem seems to be related to how Winamp is using the Gracenote provided library files (dlls) and/or how Winamp is communicating with the Gracenote web based database files. Unfortunately there currently is no easy step by step tutorial to get this working.

The feature works on my system, but I don't like the results. In my opinion, you would be better off using the 'smart views' feature in the media library to create custom views (lists) of your files.

You can also use 3rd party apps to create playlists from a 'seed' song. There are also several posts on this.

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