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if ever something like was added (which as i note is not guaranteed at all), it would not be enabled by default and would need to be opted into with explicit confirmation of things by the user (so big warning and all that). as there was always a large call for such thing from site feedback and less so on what made it to the forums, but clearly it's something people do want, though i will reiterate that it's something which should not be enabled by default as that's not the Winamp way (other than the Winamp way allows you to do things not there by default by other plug-ins ).

and the fact that we've seen just in the few posts so far that there is complete polarity on the view point of such a feature, it makes me even more hesitant about enabling embedding of artwork into compatible files by default (despite it making file handling and especially artwork handling in the long run easier).


my only reason for possibly considering using the ml_org source code (which i've still not looked at) as a basis is because it appeared to do what people were wanting from a usability aspect (despite the known limitations, etc).

obviously to get something working it's simpler to take an existing and known version in this case since i've never bothered with such things, though you could say most of the ripping functionality does what is needed for reorganisation (path generation from tag data). so yes it might be easier to just write things from scratch, but with something that is almost there on the functionality required (even if the internals get changed in the long run, it means a faster implementation of the feature compared to going from nothing imho).
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