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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
odd Q for you...

i noticed an issue where windows explorer, for any m4a, could have data divergent from "normal" atom tags and i couldn't understand it. the answer seems to be that windows uses "normal" atoms, but ALSO creates a custom moov.udta.Xtra atom and sticks a data blob in there, with what i believe is a WMA style WM tag; odd & bizarre, but NOT out of m4a spec. among the fields win exp uses in this blob, is one for ratings, that win exp can see:

this i think is relevant to you (& me!) if say you have a rated FLAC, and you want to transcode it to ALAC m4a, b/c you want the tag info to also go with the transcode.

Media Monkey solved the issue years ago, (i reported it), by basically updating/saving both sets of tags simultaneously. yes, its duplicative, but it keeps info from being divergent and it also makes the info exposed in windows explorer:

any chance you could fool around with this and get it to work with your plugin?

also, i think the media monkey solution needs to be adopted by winamp as well, esp for the ML, so that ratings and other tags don't become divergent.
So I just took another look at the encoder plugin source code. Nowhere in there do I add or modify file metadata except to annotate the (I think required) encoder and codec version strings. Winamp writes the other tags after transcoding with the input plugin that's handling/playing it. Tag writing is done with input plugins, not an encoder plugin. This plugin is purely an encoder plugin. You'd have to ask the Winamp developers to do that.
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