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Easy playlist creator using tags or keywords

Hi everyone, I'm a french user since 1998
I prefer the lite version, but using the full in order to manage my playlists ( which is not so user friendly that I thought .. )

Right now here's my usage of it :
alt+e > playlist > j(search) > select song > right click > send to > mediatheque lists > name of playlist ..

I used as well to put keyword or metacaracters in the tags of a song ex : $ * in order to fetch the songs I like ..

Is there any simpler way to order my playlists - so it'll take less time ?

example :

I'm using my general playlist where all my songs are stored, I wanted just to right click a song I like, and I'll just have to type keywords in a little text field ( comma or space separated, using regular expressions ? )

-> this will auto fetch to "keyword".playlist, this will allow to link a song to a unlimited number of "keywords" playlists.

Next : now the keywords playlists are done, I can easily switch between them using again "J" search command, like " work, relax, party, disco, zen, royskopp, radiohead etc .. "

The playlist appears appart, top or right from the list of songs.

That may allow me to order my songs correctly then .. I imagine some kind of plugin shall exist for my needs ..

Thanks in advance for further advice
Regards, jack
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