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Hello Kriggi.

I recommend you to run the application as Administrator.
That will solve most of your issues.
As you can see you do not have appropriate rights so the application cannot write the configuration into file (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder) so this is an issue with your User account, not the problem in the app.

We are working on new version so we will consider your ideas:
  • Separate buttons for new NSIS / Inno Setup script: there is already button for creating new dialog in toolbar (From our analysis the most users create up to 4 dialogs at start and then work with them)
  • Switching the tab with immediate script refresh is a good idea.
  • We will reconsider immediate script compiling - apparently it is not suitable for a slower computers.
  • Issues with Properties panel (bug) - will be fixed.

    I will let you know here when the new version is released.

    Regards and Merry Christmas!

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