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Install Designer released - with many fixes and improvements.
  • New NSIS and Inno Setup properties group: Expert for advanced script generating
  • Property No Events Handlers (NSIS and Inno Setup): When set the Events Handlers will NOT be generated into the script.
  • This may cause compilation error(s) if you do not have them defined correctly in some other place!
  • Property Graphical Installer Redraws (NSIS): When set the controls will be updated to work in the Graphical Installer page.
  • This may cause compilation error(s) if you do not have defined correct includes!
  • Improved UX/UI: removed redundant content from designer tabs
  • Improved UX/UI: separate statuses for designer and script file name
  • Application accepts passing filename as an argument (NSIS and Inno Setup .designer file) that is opened at startup
  • Installer can associate .designer files that are opened in Install Designer application (with custom icon)

Visit the official website for more details and download.

Cool looking installers with custom design:
Create Setup Pages easily:
Build installers in Visual Studio 2005-2022:
or RAD Studio 2009 - 11 Alexandria:
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