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We have released Install Designer packed with new features and improvements:
  • Implemented Unlimited Undo + Redo for all actions performed in designer (also creating / deleting controls!), with default shortcuts Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + R
  • Added missing shortcuts for all toolbars and menus actions
  • Added Controls Z-order feature - it is posible to Bring the control to the Front (Ctrl + F) or Send the control to the Back (Ctrl + B) and adjust how the controls are layered on the dialog
  • Refreshed UI, updated toolbars's icons
  • Added Open Recent File feature to easily open most recent files (up to 10 most recent files).
  • Fixes and improvements in Script Generator and Dialog Designer

Visit the official website for more details and download.

Cool looking installers with custom design:
Create Setup Pages easily:
Build installers in Visual Studio 2005-2022:
or RAD Studio 2009 - 11 Alexandria:
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