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Version and

Hello. We have updated out tool for WYSIWYG editor of setup dialogs.

Release: 2021-11-09
  • Controls placed on Designer now supports Global Variables mode (can be turned On / Off in Settings
  • Global NSIS control's variables are marked with /GLOBAL parameter
  • Fixed exception when creating more than 10 menu shortcuts (Open recent file menu)
  • Improved opening .designer files with Drag & Drop: now it is possible to drop file anywhere in the window
  • Fixed creating DateTimePicker control (also Cut/Copy/Paste operations on it)
  • Fixed Context Menu: items are shown/enabled correctly according to the action
  • Added Open Containing Folder action (Right click the Designer) to explore the folder with the .designer and script files
  • App now automatically detects when .designer file is changed / deleted / renamed Changed / deleted / renamed file and offers to reload / close / rename / ignore the change(s)
  • Added possibility to open the same .designer file multiple times (new option in Settings)
  • Opening associated .designer file with Double click brings the main window into foreground
  • Improved help system: help is context sensitive (based on selection) and works from any dialog
  • App's status bar now contains icon for .designer file, or script file and for Modified flag
  • Improved syntax highlighting in generated script files
  • Added Message Box with instructions when Compiler shows unknown Error (mostly because the Setup is already running or Install Designer was not launched as Administrator)
  • Tons of other UI and UX improvements for easier use and faster work!

Release: 2022-06-05
  • Support for NSIS 3.08 (see changes)
  • Support for Graphical Installer for NSIS 2022.1 and Graphical Installer Wizard 1.18.01 (see changes)
  • Fixed bug with empty Open recent list: most recent files are shown correctly
  • Improved checking for Property validity: added checking Events (currently: "Name", "OnClick", "OnDblClick", "OnKeyDown", "OnKeyUp", "OnKeyPress", "OnChange") in all NSIS and Inno Setup controls
  • Undo manager allows you to undo this action (otherwise script will be not compiled correctly)
  • Official support for Windows 11 (also ARM)
  • Official support for electron-builder scripts (editing any electron-builder .nsi or .nsh or .iss scripts)
  • Installer now supports multiple processor architectures (x86, x64, arm64, ia64) - useful when running Windows on ARM

Each member registered on this NSIS forum receives -20% OFF.

Visit the official website for more details and download.

Cool looking installers with custom design:
Create Setup Pages easily:
Build installers in Visual Studio 2005-2022:
or RAD Studio 2009 - 11 Alexandria:
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