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Cool pack, some very nifty ideas and styles in here, im pretty sure i'll have to steal atleast some of them to use myself

My favourites of the pack are as follows:

Black Kandy
The convolution and color fade create a very nice mellow effect, but the preset lacks some serious music response, though i don't think you can even apply it very well to this kind of presets.

I quite like this one, but the on-beat pumping doesn't fit in my opinion or at the very least tone it down a bit.

Never Strikes Twice
Hands down one of the coolest lightning scopes i've seen ever, gotta steal that from you.

Ooh, shiny and somewhat original too only bad thing is the music response which could use some tweaking.

Well, for a first pack this is definetly a good collection, but i think you need to focus a bit more on the reaction side of the preset in the future. Most of these presets seemed to work the same no matter what kind of music you were playing.

Well, keep up the good work

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