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Saw the pack yesterday, was amazed but had to go, so now here's my big comment for this great first pack:

-PYW [goo mix]
up:nice mix,
down:but the main effect is still from DasNoob, so not one of my favs

-Black Candy
up:gooey, yummy, the best b/w preset I've seen in a while! I'm not that much into b/w but this one is a +fav.
down:beat response only

up: good oldschool preset, really good trip factor
[could use more colors for my taste, though]
down: gets too bright sometimes [although my music became mellow at one time], beat response only

-Evil eye
up: very good flow, simply a joy to watch
down: colors a little too much colormap shine, beat response only [I'm copypasting now]

did that came from the "macOS flurry screensaver?" thread?
up: if, well done! if not, well done + good idea great preset, +fav! did you write the rotation by yourself?
down: beat response only

after having seen Flurry I thought: how old may he be? and was quite stunned when I read 13... you've got some skills for your age, looks promising!
up: funny sphere
down: overall apperance to RGBish imo
tips: ~second Movement is useless I think and thus the AddBorder too, simply set the sphere in the 1st Movement a bit bigger [d = if(above(d,.42),... or sth like that].
~and the super scopes could do with only n=2 since the z-dependent linesize is hardly visible with such little rotation and you'd avoid the ugly line-jittering.
~an intro doesn't need to be responsive but let's do it here: in the texer you could've used getosc() to have a random but music dependent positioning of the dots.

up: good coloring, icy look, music response is better here. +fav
down: nothing I could spot

-Mecurys Rising
up: v cool flame and ice effect you've created here!
down: the object in the middle disturb though, looks like you had a good idea, but the grey thing didn't quite turn out that good

-Never strikes twice
up: nothing to say - awsome bolt effect!
at first I thought you used the grassfield from ShockValue's football preset and looked for the DynaMove but found none and then I saw you made it with movements alone!
down: although you have some good effects here I couldn't watch this for some time to enjoy, couse it still needs some style tweaking [this shouts for a remix ]

-Organized Chaos
up: a very good rendition of a SimpleAsPossible preset +fav
downs: none

up: metaballs, flow, mosaic, interleave. long story short: you pulled about every old trick to create a pleasing and +favable preset!
down: response is ok, but could be better

up: fast 'n stylish, good movements, response is ok,
down: [though only volume]

up: quite nice 3d movement/distortion imo
down: standard coloring

up: though the concept is known, a preset that hugged my eyes! +fav
down: beat response only

uncertain about this one, a bit color tweaking maybe...

Yeah, all in all really good pack!
work on your music response and most of all keep making presets!
I'll maybe do a remix or two...

review resolution[s]: 150x150 & 300x300

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