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Migrating backed up Winamp play counts from XP to Windows 7?

I've just migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 and my backed up play counts are not being recognized in Windows 7 like they were in XP. I backed up the entire "ml" directory from the plugins directory along with gen_ml.ini and gen_mud.ini. I copied and pasted these over as needed and Winamp isn't picking up on it like it was before. Any ideas what changes, if necessary, that I need to do?

void BlueWater() {water.color=blue; while(GameRunning) {if (fox.pos == InBlueWater) {fox.air--; FoxDrown(fox.air);} else {fox.air=1800; fox.flags = WantsToGetWet; } WaitFrames(1); }} // My top favorite thing in 2D Sonic (as C)
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