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Originally Posted by Class316 View Post
How can you not? It is the greatest player. Doesn't do everything but it comes pretty damn close.
iunno, maybe i just like to customize my players just a tiny bit?
cut down stuff that i dont want? (e.g. it relying on ffmpeg/libavcodec for some of its thingies which of course adds a lot)
besides, in terms of playing vintage formats like NSFs and what have you that include subsongs, VLC doesnt have proper support (and emulation is also not great either)

with winamp (or WACUP, whichever you prefer), i can just pick a plugin, install it and configure it to my hearts content and if it sucks then i just uninstall it, with VLC you're stuck with what you're given, and i dont like that

it's weird when people call winamp "bloated" but praise VLC for the formats it includes
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