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Smart View Track Order for Compilation Albums

I'm new to using Smart Views and have been having a variety of issues with getting them to function how I'd like. I have gradually reduced my problems down to one main one through playing around with settings and testing by trial and error. In doing so I have fiddled with every setting I can think of.

At this point all my albums show up correctly in the Smart View; they're all listed and have the correct number of tracks etc. When I click on an album to play it however, Winamp enqueues the tracks in order of Artist > Track Number. This has no significance until I try to play a compilation album where every track has a different artist. Instead of playing the tracks in the order of the album, Winamp plays the tracks in alphabetical artist order (see below for illustration). Understandably this is not the behaviour I expect.

My initial reaction to this issue was that I must be missing something obvious. There must be some setting somewhere, or some sort function that I have overlooked. After a few days of fiddling (and Googling) I have yet to come up with a solution, which I find perplexing. Surely Winamp has the ability to do what I want - to play albums in order using Smart Views - but so far I'm stumped as to how to get it to do so.

All my albums are correctly tagged and for testing purposes I have changed my Media Library directory to a temporary folder which contains both compilation and non-compilation albums, in both FLAC and MP3. Both formats behave the same way.

I am hoping there is an easy answer to this post, and I would greatly appreciate any help given, even if it proves I've missed something obvious!

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