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Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
To a User: Regardless if it is WMP/XBOX Music or otherwise, Winamp was doing something incorrectly. Even, if reality is that the others were.

To a User: Regardless of your 'understanding' or not. The error existed to them; the fix of course is to not allow WMP to create 'album art';
that's all touchy feely nonsense imo. winamp was doing nothing wrong is the reality, and whatever one's false perceptions are, are irrelevant.

I mean honestly, do you disagree? are we at the point now in society where we can't even state uncontroversial facts without it being seen as harsh?

Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
To a User: You are stating "..dumb things you..."; hardly helpful and downright rude in my assessment.
grossly taking it out of context. the dumb was a reference to WMP, not the user!

Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
Record Locking occurs with Windows Media Player and many other players based upon the same system of indexing. This is a reality; no mincing of words here. It also adds attributes (R A and H). Again, no mincing of words stating factual representation of the issues as they will relate to Winamp.
and the sky is blue and so what? that was my point. all that talk was just confusing the issue and muddying the waters. it had NOTHING to do with it and was not involved in this case and there was nothing said that should have lead anyone to believe it was.

again, I was only trying to bring clarity, I have np with your good intentions, but the speculation was not helpful imo.

btw, the art is HS and maybe RA as well.

Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
In truth WMP was/is doing what WMP is supposed to do and Winamp was/is doing what it was supposed to do. The issue exists because, they do them differently -rightly so.

Again great solution overall.
WMP does what its designed to do, on that we agree, but where we disagree is that I believe it should not be designed to do what it does, and more importantly a user should not let it do what its designed to do.

and no matter what a user should not then blame winamp for what WMP does.

all I've been trying to say in this thread is that nothing out of the ordinary was going on here based on the first post. it was obvious to me, based on what was said, that winamp was acting properly and was properly reflecting the bad and dumb behavior of WMP. I only fault the user for blaming winamp, otherwise they just need to learn how each app works. and other than all that, I thought it best to make clear that the speculation for "other possibilities" was not warranted on THIS case, based on the posts the OP made.

no need for anyone to take offense to any of that. just trying to help and be clear.

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