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Hi Victhor,

Originally Posted by will View Post
from +4096 to -4096 in an RGB style.
grey="1" makes the images in that group grayscale before applying the colour change.
Boost blends with 50% white.
Originally Posted by greenteaicedtea View Post
Well it's not a dark art, IMO, it's just weird math.

For RGB values of 0 to 127:
take 128, subtract the RGB value, then multiply by 32, and make it a negative number.

Eg. RGB value 3:
make it negative, it's below 128: -4000
so 3 would be -4000.

A value of 128 would be zero.

For values above 128, subtract 128 and multiply by 32.
eg. 150
It's above 128 so it stays positive.

If you aren't sure if your number is right, remember that the closer the RGB value to 0, the closer it will be to -4096, and the closer to 255, the closer it will be to 4096. Again, if it's 128, it will be 0.
I'm been experimenting with modifying colors for the spectrum analyzer (in the top left corner). I mentioned before that I like the way the "Fire" color option for this UI element works in the official classic skin.

If the above quotes are correct, what does "7444" mean in "<gammagroup id="n.beatvis" value="7444,1201,-3722" gray="2" boost="0" />" (which is in the default color theme for the Unity skin)?

I've been trying to get the color for the peak indicators to be different than the color of the spectrum (to make the peaks stand out more). I don't think it is possible, I can only get a lighter shade of the same color for the peaks. It appears that the best that can be done in cPro skins (to make the peaks stand out more) is to slow down the peak indicators' fall off rate.

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