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Well, the truth is I never understood the mechanics behind Winamp's gammagroups colorization, so I have no idea about those numbers hehe. We as "designers" only need to know all the possibilities of the TOOLS and how much can we blend it before it reaches the "not necessary - not worthy - rarely used" line =D.

Don't worry too much about the values in ECNMY (that's actually where you took that number from) because I handled some aspects in a very un-professional way. I.e. for the visualization -among other parts- instead of modifying the original values (too time consuming) I tweaked it with the Color editor and renamed the theme as "default".
If done properly, the "default theme" should have most values in 0. This way I got in time for the release =D.

The thing is, you can't have the "peaks" much more different when doing color themes, nor you can have a separate gammagroup to colorize it separatedly (not that I know).

But there are some things you can do to achieve -more or less- what you want:
01. Tweak the original values (found in "Skin folder/xml/player-normal.xml"). The #80 line has the key (colorbandpeak="162,193,204"). Those are plain RGB values, the more different you get it from the colorbands the more contrast you'll get (i.e. "255,255,255" will get you a plain white).
02. At the bottom of that group, you'll see alpha="170". Make it "255" to have absolutely no transparency (ergo, obtaining a more solid color).
03. In some color themes I used "boost=1", which makes the gammagroup absolutely saturated, forcing all the colors / shades of the gfx to match one specific color (and losing almost all contrast along the way).
So, in the color theme you want to tweak, duplicate it and check if "Saturate channels" is enabled. Disable it if it is and try to achieve the color you want like that (or just check "Avg grayscale" to get a more accurate coloring).

Good luck!
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