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Can't run 2 Modern skins in a row

Hello DJ EGG !!

Sorry for the delay, but I had lost my thread, as I had placed it under "Modern Skins" and it was gone. I finally found it here.
So, I did what you suggested: I downloaded the backup tool and did a backup.
Do you want me to send you just a log, or the whole backup (a large .ZIP folder)??
I don't know if I have 3rd. party plugins... I have many visualizations, including those from Soundspectrum... are those 3rd. party plugins? Will you find that in the log? Anyway, my problem has nothing to do with vis., as I usually use Milkdrop.
As to the "patched" version, I don't know, I downloaded this Winamp Pro just a week before it was sold, so I assume I couldn't have a "fresher" version !
But my problem has been running for years, on much older versions, on Windows also happens with any bowser.

Hoping to hear from you,

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