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yeah, i've tried pretty much everything... all of them did funny things... crashed or whatever.

i suppose i could try again, but is it likely that they'd work with winamp 5 if they didn't function properly with 2.91?

related aside: i'm back to using 2.91 anyway, because wincue did very very strange things under 5b. it would disappear if i dragged it to the top of the screen too recklessly, and i couldn't "capture" it by making it snap to the main window again and then easymoving them back. i also tried changing my display resolution, thinking it'd pop back in at 640x480, but it didn't, and at that point i realized that it was just plum *gone*. so i uninstalled it and reinstalled, but still nothing. that's when i realized that the uninstall option wasn't functioning properly, and i had to manually remove all references to wincue with a registry edit before it would successfully reinstall. this happened twice under 5b, never happened on 2.x before or since.

i suppose this is a bug of some sort? should i post it as a bug report, or can you just forward it to the appropriate powers that be?
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