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Okaaay..... I've just found how to reproduce it.

I'm using a program to execute Winamp.exe with a folder as an argument. I've just tested it with a single track and it does the same. BUT, I just tried loading music and folders rapidly with explorer as normal and it plays them instantly as desired (I imagine that's what you were doing while trying to recreate the effect). It seems to do the annoying queue thing when rapidly called from a program other than explorer. I can't imagine why it would bother detecting it's shell and changing it's behaviour...

PS... The music type etc doesn't make a difference. I've tried it with every contemporary format under the sun. MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, and probably even WAV. They're not all tracks from the same album or anything. They're from various sources, many myself, so file format or metadata isn't a part of it. Also, my Winamp is 5.551.

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