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Why don't I explain what this is all about. This isn't important. It's incase anyone's curious about why I need such specific behaviour.

I've got a program running all the time which responds to hotkeys and plays a folder in winamp. In shuffle mode it picks a random track from that folder to play, which is exactly what I want. I'm not good enough a programmer to handle the music playing myself. It would be a huge resource drain. The hotkey system has variables and mode setting and all kinds of compex elements. It's likely I'll press a wrong key combination and trigger the wrong playlist. Which is fine, but to keep it simple I'll say think of me like a DJ. I do live presentations and I need the audio to discreetly react instantly. If I load the wrong track accidently, I have to wait a whole embarrassing second or two before I can load the correct playlist, otherwise it is merely queued and the delay is reset.

I've tried other players even though I've been using Winamp exclusively for a decade. I've found one that came close but, like everything else, there's always ONE thing wrong. In the closest runner-up to Winamp, playing a folder or playlist on shuffle always plays the first track first and THEN randomises. That's no good. That's a very common oversight for music players. Sigh.

So, there ya go. ;/
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