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SHOUTcast Directory not indexing me

Shadowy Realms Playlist (Test)

Server: v1.9.8 WIN32
Plugin: v1.9.1

I've had my station down for something over a year (changed ISPs and other things have come up), but I've been trying to get it going again. I think I finally got all the bits and pieces working on my new little box.

PROBLEM: SHOUTcast directory / yp is not adding me. The server gives me the message that I've been added, RadioToolbox tells me my stream is up and running, the server is set to public (not private) and the stream is playing just fine on my LAN (when I add the machine's IP to my hosts file). It's been running for several hours, now.

Does SHOUTcast still index old version 1 server's on the directory?

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