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Setting the DSP and Server for broadcasting

Hello to everyone,

After searching for creating an internet radio i read about the Shoutcast. So i downloaded the winamp,DSP plugin and the server and installed them on my pc. I am looking for a solution where the server will be on my pc as a beginning. From what i have read i understood how to set up the dsp plugin although all references where old and noone says something about what we have to fill in to the 'username' field in the connection tab. Also as for the server set up i had opened the sc_serv_basic.conf in a notepad and made some changes in it but i don't know how to set the server to 'on' cause except of the .conf files i see a sc_serv that opens a command prompt where i don't know what to write so that the server is up and running to start broadcasting.

I don't know many things on command prompts. I read many guides but i think there must be changes now after your plugin and server updates. So if you can explain me as simple as possible how to set up the server at first and then the dsp. Thank you very much in advance and i hope this post is not some repeated question that has been answered in the past. I am running windows 7, 64-bit.
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